Our Story

Humans have always had their say in how we live with dogs. At How I Met My Dog and ComPETibility we think it’s high time we give the dogs a chance to speak.

In 2017 we founded How I Met My Dog to give rescue dogs a voice in their own adoptions. Our matching algorithm--developed with veterinarians, trainers, and animal behaviorists--predicts which dogs and which adopters make the best matches. To date we have worked with more than 400 shelter/rescue organizations, matching dogs and adopters in 39 states. 

In 2020 COVID-19 precipitated a huge uptick in dog fosters and adoptions. This left millions of new (and seasoned) pet parents searching for support and advice to help make their relationships with their canine soulmates the best they can be. 

When we realized the algorithm we created to make better matches could also pinpoint where you and your dog are (and are not) in sync, we created ComPETibility. 

Our custom advice considers what you and your dog both need. 

After all, relationships are a two-way street and the one with your dog is no exception.